An unprecedented interactive Sci-Fi experience

What if your entertainment could directly enhance the rest of your life? The Awakening is an immersive audio experience that combines a dramatic mystery storyline, proven neurofeedback techniques and Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technology to reinforce positive changes in the player's brain during play. These feedback techniques have been shown to increase cognitive function, creativity, awareness, and mental balance.


The Awakening draws players into an immersive audio experience following the lives of two main characters, Alice and Bjorn. Players will interact through the minds of both characters using a BCI device. As Bjorn, a scientist investigating a recent and unexpected meteor impact, players will try to communicate with a mysterious Tetrahedron discovered within the meteor. As Alice, a woman in a coma suffered after a car accident, players become aware they have been locked inside her body, conscious but unable to interact with the outside world. Until a stranger visits her.


While exploring the audioscapes of The Awakening, players will be introduced to various mental exercises. Each of these techniques is organically presented within the context of the story, and the overall experience is designed to show players the improvements in their mind over time.



The Awakening uses cutting edge VR audio technology, allowing us to position sounds in 3d space around the listener. This technology replicates how sounds are heard in real life, allowing players to easily determine the source of a sound and increasing their immersion.

BCI Technology

BCI technology has made the human mind and all of its mysteries more accessible to consumers than ever before. Affordable EEG devices such as the Muse give consumers an unprecedented level of insight into their brain, and neurofeedback using these devices is shown to improve our awareness and control of our mental state.

Why would you want to do this? Imagine you're on the starting line of a race, about to give an important presentation, or really need to concentrate on a time sensitive deadline. Life is full of distractions, and we're not very good at ignoring them. The Awakening will train your brain while you relax and explore an interactive audio world filled with characters that can respond to your mind!