Discover Icaria

Journey through the beautiful and mysterious world of Icaria, a thriving archipelago surrounded by vast oceans. Uncover the secrets that await in the city-states and ruins you'll find as you explore.

Simulating Flight

Little Guy Games is taking virtual reality to new heights with with our VR Flying Machine. Climb into a fully suspended seat and experience a new dimension of flight as powerful fans engage your senses of motion and touch in your journey through Wings of Icaria.

While still early in its development, Wings of Icaria already taps into our unique hardware to provide different textures and volumes of air in response to your actions in Wings of Icaria. Paired with the suspended seat, players are treated to new sensations of motion and inertia that we're improving on continually to provide an all new experience in virtual reality.

Earn Your Wings

Wings of Icaria will feature several aircrafts, referred to as 'wings' in the game's world. Which wings will you discover on your journey?